Great Service!
Olivia S.
McLeansboro, IL
Quick and reasonably priced!! Don't recommend anyone to go anywhere eles!!
Kerri A.
I like Wilson's Computers as it is a local business here in McLeansboro, IL. If you have a problem it's right here in town & he or his employees will check it out for you Or he makes home visits for repairs!! ⏳ Sam and his employees are so friendly & helpful. So if you have any problems with your Computers, I-Pads or Printers check Wilson's Computers on the South Side of the McLeansboro Square!
Patsy A.
McLeansboro, IL
best place in town, best workmanship around
Lowell M.
Great Service :) Check it out!
Heather R.
McLeansboro, IL
Great Service! Excellent knowledge. Great price!
Jenny A.
Dahlgren, IL